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New Lenox Arbitration

Congratulatoins to Senior Associate Lisa Barbieri for successfully defending the interests of Harrah's Casino-Joliet in an arbitration hearing in March 2015 involving a security guard claiming knee injuries arising out his employment with the casino.  The defense focused on the initial medical evidence and security video for the time and place indicated on the security report.  The Arbitratoar found that the video and report supported a denial of the claim.  A review is pending before the Commission. Please call Lisa Barbieri with any questions.

Chicago Arbitration

Congratulations to Senior Associate Michael Mahay on a successful defense of an application filed agains Hilton Hotels by a room attendant.  The claimant alleged multiple and permanent injuries as a result of a slip and fall in a guest bathroom demanding PTD benefits or $500,000.00 to settle the case.  The medical evidence failed to support the accident as alleged and the Arbitrator dismissed the application.  The case also involved contradictory medical reports authored by the same doctor on different dates.  For more information please contact Mike Mahay.  

December 21, 2015

New Lenox Arbitration

Congratulations to Associate Jon Svitak for successfully defending the interests of Harrah's Joliet Casino.  The injured worker claimed to have injured his shoulder when entering an elevator.  Initial medical evidence combined with video of the incident revealed that the shoulder was not injured.  The arbitrator agreed with defense and dismissed the application.

November 11, 2015


Partner Dennis Noble teams up with Jim Breck of Crum-Halsted in round-table discussion on current case law discussion and defense tactics at recent seminar in Bloomingdale.  Topics discussed included proposed amendments to the Workers' Compensation Act and TTD defenses under the current law.  For more discussion please contact Dennis Noble.

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